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From Giving Blood to Knocking Down Pins

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Cassandra Soto
Brand & Marketing Strategist

March 5, 2019

Give Blood, Give Love

To kick off the month of February, Triple Crown Construction held a “Valentine’s Blood Drive” at our office on Pegasus Ct. in Frederick. In coordination with the American Red Cross, the team brought people together for a good cause, hosting blood donors from the local community who wanted to help save a life—or many. Some employees even donated themselves!

According to the Red Cross, someone in the U.S. needs blood every 2 seconds. There will always be a need for donors, and though the weather on the day of the Valentine’s Blood Drive tried its best to keep people from traveling (it was snowing while temperatures dipped to single digits), plenty of heroes still made it out!

We’re grateful to the Red Cross for their assistance setting up the drive—while we know our way around a construction site, the ins and outs of a blood drive are a little outside of our expertise! Staff from the organization were on hand to equip our office with the needed supplies, set up the stations, and collect donations.

To thank those giving blood, we did a drawing for a $25 gift card to Baltimore Coffee and Tea between everyone who donated—the winner was Erik Schaberl of ECS Limited! Thank you to Erik and everyone who came out to give blood and save lives.

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  • Erik Schaberl Wins The GC!

Triple Crown Construction Knocks Down…Pins!

With the winter stretching on, Triple Crown Construction was sure to hold the latest company outing someplace indoors where we could keep warm (instead of staying bundled and frigid in the Mid-Atlantic cold!). At the suggestion of resident “professional” and uber-sports fan, Rhody Ross, on February 22nd we went to Terrace Lanes bowling alley in Frederick for a few frames—a great way to close out a work week on a Friday afternoon!

Split into groups across three lanes, and thus staying true to the Triple Crown name, the team had a blast! Rhody brought his own bowling ball, wrist brace, and chalk bag (or as its known to the pros, “hand conditioner”), easily outscoring most of us—some came to enjoy the libations and team camaraderie, Rhody!—but he wasn’t the only one throwing strikes! Marshall Rimerman was the first to bowl a strike, with Angie Ugaz, Catherine Payne, and Emily Lineburg close behind him. Angie even had her eyes closed when knocking down her first strike of the day!

When we weren’t knocking down pins—or cursing the gutters that stole our balls that were totally about to curve back in—we were celebrating our colleague Zoe Eackles’s birthday with some delicious cake. Her birthday might not have been for a few more days, but we like any reason to celebrate (and we also like cake!).

At the end of the day, our bowling winners were Bill Bonolis, Rhody, Catherine, Marshall, and Greg Maciulla. But we all felt like winners after seeing the world’s cutest bowler—little Cassidy, who came to bowl a little bit with her parents, Chris and Sarah Rapp!

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Cassandra Soto
Brand & Marketing Strategist

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