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Cassandra Soto
Brand and Marketing Strategist

January 29, 2019

In keeping with the Frederick County Office of Economic Development’s assessment that 2018 was a “monster year” for growth in the Frederick area, local general commercial contractor Triple Crown Construction closed out the calendar year with significant revenue growth, on the heels of a number of moves that put the company in an excellent position to continue growth in the future.

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The firm recently added a number of new employees to its all-star team and expanded its office headquarters to increase day-to-day efficiency and make room for further hires.

In 2018, Triple Crown Construction saw revenue growth upwards of 110% compared to 2017, and over 190% for the previous five years, thanks to an increase in both customer base and process efficiency. With growth targets being met, this acceleration signaled to the executive leadership that more ample room at the company’s Frederick headquarters was in order. In the fall of 2018, Triple Crown expanded into the space adjacent to its prior office, managed by St. John Properties, increasing the square footage by 3,000 feet—nearly doubling their previous capacity.

The greater space had an immediate effect, in addition to the room provided for future growth. There is now designated space for entire departments to be located together, such as the project management team and the estimating team. Further upgrades include a working space for customers and other visitors to the office, and most importantly a dedicated resource library that can house samples and reference materials. Prior to the expansion, there was no “library” to speak of; by necessity, spec sheets and material samples were located throughout the office wherever they could fit. Now, all resources are housed in a single central repository, making it far easier for anyone to find what they’re looking for.

“The office expansion represents one of many successful executions of our strategic growth plan for 2018,” said Chris Rapp, president of Triple Crown Construction.

“Success doesn’t continue on its own, and we must be proactive in our preparations to keep it going, supporting our growth initiatives and investing in the business.”

2018 also marked an increase in the Triple Crown Construction workforce, with a number of new hires across the spectrum of roles, from estimating to project management as well as support functions within the home office that keep the wheels turning. “A business is only as good as the people who make it run,” said Greg Maciulla, construction operations manager at Triple Crown Construction. “As we grow our client base and billings, our workforce must evolve to meet the challenges of continued success. We’re excited to bring on this latest group of talented folks who will help us meet our goals of surpassing customers’ expectations.”

Triple Crown welcomed eight individuals to its office in Frederick Each team member provides specialized experienced, from general contracting, engineering and project management.

“Each of these new members of the Triple Crown Construction family moves us forward, both out in the field making sure our work meets our Partner-Grade goals and back in the office performing essential duties to keep the company humming and growing,” Greg Maciulla

Triple Crown Construction has not simply grown its billings, but also the size of its family over the years. Adding additions to the team earlier in the year to those listed above, the total number of employees has risen over 50% in 2018 alone, and nearly 300% over the past five years.

With a gargantuan year behind it, Triple Crown has its sights set on an ambitious 2019, with continued growth in its hotel renovation business and a renewed focus on construction sectors beyond hospitality. “We’re grateful to everyone that made 2018 such a roaring success,” said Rapp. “Thanks to our employees, partners, customers, and Frederick community, we’re coming off an exceptional year with even more potential ahead of us. Everyone on board is excited for what we’ll be looking back on come the beginning of 2020.”

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Cassandra Soto
Brand and Marketing Strategist

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