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Cassandra Soto
Brand & Marketing Strategist

March 19, 2019

Safety is one of the overarching pillars on which Triple Crown Construction is founded. It is critical to the corporate culture, as it is enforced not only on the job sites but in the office environment. Like the field teams, office team members also are expected to go through training. Triple Crown continually provides information to employees about workplace safety and health issues through regular training sessions, team meetings, bulletin board postings, memoranda, and other written communications.

Triple Crown Safety

Even though it’s not mandated by OSHA, Triple Crown Construction wants and requires the office teams—estimating, project management, business development and other members—to go through the same training courses as those actively on the job sites. This provides them a fuller and more intimate understanding of the processes and procedures that the field teams live day-to-day. As the on-site team members go through an active project site to ensure that safety standards are met, the office team can assist by reviewing and processing daily pictures for safety concerns. They may see what others on-site do not due to daily “repetitive blindness”—for example, being able to recognize a current or potential safety violation in a simple visual update of the construction site. They can alert the team on the ground of the potential concern and have it corrected before an incident can occur. This is invaluable support maintaining the safety pillar goal of keeping everyone out of harm’s way.

The office team is also provided with OSHA 30, CPR/First Aid, and Lift training. The training required is based on the team members position. Even though their position may not require a specific training, Triple Crown encourages and offers all members access to all levels of training. A core aspect of the corporate culture is investing in team members and promoting from within. Training allows for the betterment of the team and the ability for individual employees to grow with the company.

In August of 2018, a comprehensive series of trainings were offered to the office teams. The first of the trainings was the OSHA 30 Hour. It consisted of four (4) consecutive Monday sessions of eight (8) hours each. The sessions were provided by Triple Crown Construction’s safety consultants, SEE, Inc. They were able to bring real life situations to the sessions and explain their significance, as well as how to look for and address specific safety situations. The office teams were actively engaged and participated in each session. The teams were able to experience and understand what the field teams deal with daily.

The classroom training covered a broad spectrum of on-site safety and potential hazards. The team learned how to identify and handle potential dangers on the topics of Fall Protection, Electrical, Excavations, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Health Hazards, Ladders, Scaffolds, Confined Space, Fire Protection and Prevention, and Accident Investigation, among others. Each day of training was followed by a comprehensive test.



During the OSHA 30 Hour training, time was spent on the safety of equipment used on job sites. While these lessons were largely hypothetical, with studying and tests in a classroom setting, the office teams were able to apply their training in an exciting way—by putting it into practice. After successfully completing OSHA 30 Hour training in the classroom, the team got the chance to be hands-on with an additional day of training solely focused on two pieces of equipment in the parking lot of the Triple Crown Construction headquarters, a standard industrial fork lift and an articulating man lift. The practical experience with the equipment and their associated uses and safety features was not only a great deal of fun but also educational.


The forklift training involved moving a pallet, with a bottle of water on top of it, from the loading dock to the ground, 150 feet away, without causing the bottle to topple over. Thanks to an abundance of caution, proper training, and preparation, each member of the testing team was able to move the pallet—across an uneven parking lot, no less—without knocking over the water bottle.

The second piece of equipment, the articulating man lift, presented a similar challenge. Working in teams of two (with one person controlling the lift on the way up and the other on the return trip down), the goal was to raise the lift to grab a bottle of water that was 25 feet up in the air. Again, thanks to proper preparation and teamwork, everyone was able to complete the task.

“We’re proud of our office teams and are grateful for their dedication in completing this training,” said Chris Rapp, president of Triple Crown Construction. “I bet it was a surprising summer exercise when they found out they’d be operating equipment, but it’s important to have all our employees aligned on the same goals and able to help one another out.”

“We want our people on job sites to know that their project management teams and everyone at the office has their backs. We are all dedicated to being resources for those in the field as they complete their work and stay within safety regulations,” said Rhody Ross, Triple Crown Construction’s business development manager.

Life safety is an absolute for all members of the Triple Crown family. As part of the comprehensive safety training all Triple Crown team members spent an additional day learning CPR/AED. The bi-annual training is a must to keep current with the new technology and to be refreshed on proper procedures. As with all accidents and incidents, no one ever knows when it will occur; it is vital to maintain constant vigilance and be proactive in providing life safety training to all employees.

Not only does this inclusive safety training help the company stay within safety regulations on job sites, it also serves to demonstrate how seriously the company takes safety. “We put the personal safety of everyone involved at a job site above all else,” said Rapp. “We hold all current and future employees and subcontractors to the highest possible standards, and we take every opportunity, like the chance to educate our office staff on the same safety materials, to protect our people.”

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Cassandra Soto
Brand & Marketing Strategist

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