Marriott HI Connect – 2014

Marriott Award-Winning Vignette – Best Guest Room

Hotel Brand:
Project Scope:
Vignette for Design Competition
Project Type:
Temporary build-out for event display
Award Category:
Best Guestroom
Event Name:
HI Connect – Hospitality Tradeshow 2014
Event Location:
Nashville, TN

For their 2014 design competition vignette entry during the hospitality tradeshow HI Connect, the Marriott design team chose to display their new directional style for upcoming design improvements to their Full-Service hotels.

Marriott’s design team partnered with Triple Crown rather than use the HI Connect build-out resources because they had a high confidence in Triple Crown’s capabilities to build their vignette effectively and efficiently. They knew they could trust Triple Crown to get the vignette completed on schedule and to specification.

As their General Contractor, Triple Crown provided expert advice on project plans and offered solutions prior to the build-out. Project management services included planning and logistics for material delivery. The design team received timely status updates with photographs.

The completed on-site build out was finished on schedule which showcased Marriott’s award-winning design and Triple Crown’s high-quality workmanship.

Tcc Sample 2014 Gal ASH1
Tcc Sample 2014 Gal A4 8
Tcc Sample 2014 Gal A4 14
Tcc Sample 2014 Gal A41
Tcc Sample 2014 Gal A44
Tcc Sample 2014 Gal A50
Tcc Sample 2014 Gal A66
Tcc Sample 2014 Gal A73
Tcc Sample 2014 Gal A74
Tcc Sample 2014 Gal A88

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