What Can We Expect from Restaurant and Bar Interior Design in the Coming Months?

3 design styles and innovations to expect


Everyone knows that the past year changed everything in the commercial and retail design industry. Establishments were challenged to adapt their layouts and enforce strict social distancing rules from opening to closing.

While the pandemic dictated new innovative layouts and designs, what other changes can we anticipate? Here is an overview of what to expect in the coming months from the restaurant design industry.

Retro design and handcrafted details

Modern and minimalist design has been one of the most leading design trends in the past few years. While minimalism will continue to be something that many will gravitate towards, one 2021 restaurant design trend is the rise of retro design and interiors that inspires nostalgia.

Moreover, expect to see a touch of history in the details, such as slightly-aged wood floors and traditional but timeless wooden shelves and cabinets.

With this gravitation towards interiors that brings a feeling of nostalgia, handmade and custom-made interior solutions will also be something to keep an eye out for this year. This includes hand-applied creative patterns and murals painted by invited artists.

Ceiling as art

For 2021, there are two ceiling design approaches that industry experts are considering: maximum open ceiling space and using overhead space as a key restaurant design element.

The first approach is brought on by the goal to boost the airy atmosphere of an establishment, especially now when open spaces are a must because of the pandemic. This gives the restaurant more space as a whole and owners can make the most out of available space.

As for the second approach, using the ceiling as a key design element gives designers the chance to use the space as a natural continuation of the restaurant’s overall design concept. It gives personality and ties together the ambiance of the restaurant.

With the industry looking forward to leveling up on the lighting—a restaurant design trend brought on by increased indoor confinement during the majority of 2020—it is only a matter of time until designers get creative on how they use both lighting and ceiling as a major restaurant design feature.

“Inconvenient” design

At first glance, the words “inconvenience” and “restaurant” may not sit well together. The industry as a whole is built on delivering quality service to each and every guest, and the thought of making it harder for diners to purchase or visit the establishment is unheard of.

However, this trend’s goal is not to drive customers away. Rather, it is a testament to how commercial spaces are shifting the way they serve in the new normal. “Inconvenient design” means creating spaces that prompt people to not stay long in one spot. While dim, relaxing lighting may be a trend in coffee shops in the past, establishments will focus more on outside seating due to social distancing protocols. This makes it hard for diners to stay long as it may not be as comfortable as airconditioned indoor spots.

From open spaces to better indoor lighting to nostalgic details that prompt diners to reminisce, the rising 2021 restaurant design trends we are seeing now is an equal mix of shifts both brought on by the pandemic and people’s varying tastes throughout the years.




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