What Can We Expect From The Construction Industry In 2021?

A look into 2021 construction trends


Whenever we think of 2021 construction trends, we might look forward to increased social distancing protocols, a drop in non-residential projects or anything that might be a consequence of the pandemic.

While these are all still a possibility in the future, the disruption caused by COVID also accelerated a number of technological advancements. In an article written by Architect Chris Poché, he identifies  some of the different construction trends we can expect in 2021. The ones noted below prove how far construction innovation has come:

Remote Technology

We’ve  previously pointed out that remote technology, specifically for site inspections, will be an essential part of the construction industry’s future. Technological advancements proved to be more than valuable in recent times, and it is expected to grow in the coming years.

One advancement worth noting is the use of drones for site inspections. Drone Deploy’s research showed that the construction industry is the fastest growing commercial adopter. Companies such as DJI Enterprise, ABJ Drones and Propeller have all produced drones specifically for site use—an evidence of the construction market demand.

Drone use on the job site skyrocketed to 239% back in 2017, with project managers, technology managers and superintendents taking the most advantage out of such tools. Therefore it’s no surprise that the construction drone market will reach $11.96 billion by 2027.

Another innovation that will be a huge advantage to the way remote teams and partnerships work is blockchain technology. According to Levelset.com, blockchain technology is “a method of user-verified, real time input of an endless number of data points from transactions to payments to completion of tasks and revisions of schedules.”

In other words, this type of technology allows organizations to securely distribute and log digital transactions. This can immensely help with smart project contracts for faster signing and approval, without sacrificing security for the sake of convenience.

3D Printing

The construction industry has been facing a labor shortage for a number of years now, but advancements such as 3D printing may just be the solution. In 2016, Dubai became the home of the very first 3D-printed commercial establishment. It only took three people controlling the 3D printer for the office building to be completed.

In the coming months, a three-floor 3D-printed apartment building will be built on-site in Wallenhausen, Germany. Scientists are also exploring different innovations with 3D printing by making the whole process eco-friendly.

According to former Gensler Principal and Regional Design Leader Richard Hammond, 3D printing can address pressing environmental and urbanization issues. This method can also help deliver highly-customized spaces with a shorter time frame, reduce job site worker density, and effectively solve the growing labor shortage problem in the construction sector.

Living Materials

Living materials are an innovation that one might only encounter in science fiction books. However, a recent development showed that utilizing these organisms to create self-growing and self-mending construction materials might be the future of the construction industry.

From self-healing concretes to using mycelium composites as a sustainable replacement for foam, timber and plastic insulation, door cores, panels, flooring, and furnishings, we can now expect biological compounds to grow itself and eventually move towards full-scale production for the construction sector.

A team from the University of Colorado at Boulder started to experiment by placing sand,  mixed with a gelatine-based hydrogel and Synechococcus cyanobacteria, inside brick-shaped molds; and progress started to show when the bacteria started growing.

These 2021 construction trends prove how far the construction industry has come. Developments such as 3D printing and living organisms being used for self-growing building materials further shows that there is still a lot more to be explored and discovered for contractors to achieve maximum project efficiency.


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